Ten Kinds of Cosplayers You’re Likely to Witness at a Cosplay Event.

There are certain kinds of cosplayers you’re bound to witness at any cosplay event. Somewhere among the massive cluster of bright wigs, rad costumes, peace gestures, and short, Japanese phrases, you’ll notice certain familiar entities.

These are the ten kinds of cosplayers you’ll always find at a cosplay event:

1- Miku Hatsune: This aquamarine-haired Vocaloid is one of the most-commonly cosplayed characters. Miku is really popular among the community, which is a reason is a common choice for cosplayers.

2- The Catgirl: You’re likely to notice a bunch of cat ears projecting from the top of the crowd.  Cat-human hybrids, especially the female versions, are the most common creatures in anime shows after humans.

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3- The Potato (or some other weird thing): Cosplays are fun in every manner. If constantly noticing great costumes somehow makes you feel bored, there’ll be a few people dressed as potatoes, pocky boxes, poo, or other weird things to entertain you with a humorous change.

4- Link: Like Hatsune and few other Vocaloids, Link is another character that’s cosplayed a lot by the community, probably because of the appearance in one of history’s most famous RPG series.

5- The Schoolgirl: You’ll always find at least a few girls dressed in modified Japanese school uniforms. Be afraid, they’re everywhere.

6- The Lonely Reaper: Most cosplay events will also have a grim reaper with no soul to take. Pretty sad, right?

7- “Hi, I’m Armor”: There will always be at least one cosplayer covered entirely in a piece of body armor. They’ll come and go, but you’ll never find out who they are.

8- Naruto Character: Naruto is one of the most famous anime shows. You’re likely to see at least the main fictional cast.

9- The Maid: Maids are pretty common in anime shows, which is why you should be able to spot a few in the crowd.

10- The Swordsmith: There will always be a person with a rad, self-forged sword. These cosplayers are likely to make many great cosplayers feel worthless.